Since Caprock's founding in 2015, The energy sector has been challenged on many parameters. In return, Caprock has responded with providing designs and execution that keep cost in the forefront, from beginning to completion. At Caprock, our people will do whatever it takes to achieve success for our clients, their projects, and our industry partners.

Our Team has the experience to be innovative in our work that produces results. Results that reduce costs, shortens schedule cycles and eliminates potential risks. We make every action deliberate and every deliverable on schedule, with the focus on reducing labour, material and their associated costs.

Good engineering and design should be replicated, not recreated. Executing projects is at the center of Caprock's competence. We will work with clients to reuse engineering and design to construct repeatable projects. We understand the value to execute templated projects in various scenarios.

Our Canadian environment is harsh and our site conditions are remote. We continue to be innovative to minimize materials and labour required at site and allocate as much work off-site as possible through design, execution and modularization.

Our Management Team

Caprock's management team are hands-on with every project team. Their experience evolves from fabrication facilitates to operations and have prevailed in all levels of the EPCM environment. In addition, building projects is not just a career but a life style.

Project Team Experience

Caprock's team has an unprecedented track record of managing people who collaborate and implement innovation to achieve best in class project costs and achieve each milestone until completion. This experience provides the knowledge to confidently dive into your next project.

project Experience

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Key Service Offerings

Caprock's people have the experience in engineering, procurement, construction management and project management to provide concise and timely decisions and options to reduce costs for your projects.