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4 great ideas to help celebrate
Innovations Month 2021 at Caprock!

May 11, 2021

We'd like to take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the ingenuity and innovation that the Caprock Team brings to every project we press our hands to! It's a team effort that allows us to bring these ideas to market and it is the strength and vision of the industry that strategically implement these ideas into the real world solutions we see around us.

Mar 29th

Having the ability to play the project movie in your head, is an acquired ability through an abundance of project execution experience and learnings. The senior management at Caprock has this experience and has developed Caprock's Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) 5 Star Model for utilization on Projects.

Feb 3rd

Cost certainty is a process that spans the life of the project. We have defined 5 essential elements for successfully managing the costs of any project. We establish cost certainty through clear objectives, maintain diligent cost management, and outline how tested protocols that reduce the risk to drive a project over budget.

Nov 25th

At Caprock, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with value-added services that produce engineered deliverables in the most effective manner. We talk in broad terms about leveraging best practices around data enablement, but what exactly is data enablement and how is it engrained in generating project deliverables?

Oct 18th

Celebrating 5 Years! Caprock is honoured to celebrate 5 years of business excellence. Thanks to all the people, staff, vendors, contractors, and clients that have made our projects a success. We look forward to seeing what exciting projects the next year will bring!