Heavy Oil

Heavy Oil is the cornerstone of Caprock's engineering capacities. We extract over 20 years of experience from Lloydminster to Fort MacKay. Our people have constructed and enhanced many of today's facilities.

Caprock's experience includes the first of 24" & 32" NPS steam pipelines, SAGD parallel well modules, vortex test separators, and multi-phase pumps. Caprocks innovation continues with our current SAGD projects and FEED designs. Our experiences also include brown and green field Central Process Facilities (CPF's), debottlenecks, and remote steam plants.

Capabilities / Areas of Expertise

The Caprock team has a breadth of project experience spanning a wide range of industry specific areas of focus, and has worked on many of the major projects in the Canadian energy sector over the past 20 years.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Above Ground Pipelines
  • Disposal Pipelines
  • Brackish Wells
  • Valve Stations
  • Multi-Phase Pumps
  • Ground Separators
  • Test Separators
  • Solvent Injection
  • Oil Treating
  • De-Oiling
  • WAC / SAC
  • Lime Softening
  • OTSGs
  • Power Boilers
  • Tank Farms
  • LACT
  • Co-Gen
  • HRSG
  • Evaporators

Looking for something else?

Caprock has experience working with Heavy Oil, Midstream, Unconventional /Conventional Oil and Gas, and Civil Infrastructure projects. We service the client's project needs and take all necessary steps to ensure the project is successful based on cost, schedule, and quality.